Infinite Horizon Concave Games with Coupled Constraints - A tutorial

A. Haurie, with D. Carlson and G. Zaccour, has contributed to this  chapter of the Handbook of Dynamic Game Theory (T. Basar & G.

A Systems Approach to Regional Energy Modeling with Smart Grid Integrated Distributed Energy Resources

We are pleased to inform you that our paper "A systems approche to regional energy Modeling with smart grid integrated distributed energy resources" has appeared in IAEE Energy Forum, second quarter 2016, pp. 15-18.


Other related works:

- ETEM-SG: Optimizing Regional Smart Energy System with Power Distribution Constraints and Options (Ordecsys technical report)

New publication in Climatic Change

Ordecsys is pleased to announce the publication of its research on climate negotiations in Climatic Change

COP21 Paris

As COP21 approach, recent works of the ORDECSYS team on climate negotiations are more than ever at the forefront of the debate. We can mention the EU project TOCSIN that focuses on cooperation between EU, China and India as well as recent publications on the design of fair burden sharing of emission reductions:

Now available : Special issue of Annals of Operations Research on Collaborative Environmental Management and Modelling

The special issue of Annals of Operations Research co-edited par Alain Haurie, David Yeung, and Georges Zaccourde on  Collaborative Environmental Management and Modelling is now available:

"The Oxford Handbook of the Macroeconomics of Global Warming" is now available

The Oxford Handbook of the Macroeconomics of Global Warming edited by Lucas Bernard and Willi Semmler is now available. In particular, you'll find the contribution co-authored by Alain Haurie and Frédéric Babonneau:

Fairness in Climate Negotiations: A Meta-Game Analysis Based on Community Integrated Assessment


Presentations given at the worshop are now available



Workshop on Smart Grids and Dynamic Pricing

ORDECSYS organise a one-day workshop entitled "Smart Grids and Dynamic Pricing, Opportunities for the Energy Transition" with the support of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. The event will be held at EPFL on the 18th of June 2014 and is free of charge.

All information regarding the workshop can be found on the following page :

Qatar smart-city project: Kick-off meeting

Ordecsys organise on January 6 and 7, the kick-off meeting for the Smart-City project for Qatar in collaboration with HEC Paris and FIKRA Doha. On this occasion, Ordecsys will host Prof. Michael Caramanis, specialist in "design of power market".