Our Mission

Help companies and organizations to implement decision support systems based on advanced methods and techniques in Operations Research and Management Science

Our Experience

  • Energy/environment modeling
  • Strategic planning and energy-environment policy assessment
  • Operations management : short-term or mid-term production planning, supply chain management
  • Network design: transportation, telecommunications, flow distribution (water, gas)
  • Economic impact studies: quantifying the impact on the local economy of big events (fairs, shows, conferences)
  • Training courses and sessions: distance learning in Energy modeling and Game Theory; executive sessions in Robust Optimization

Our Expertise

  • Optimization techniques and tools
    • Large-scale convex models
    • Dynamic programming
    • Stochastic programming
    • Robust Optimization
  • Risk management
  • Game theory in competitive and/or collaborative environments
  • Environmental and energy economics
  • Higher education: dedicated teaching sessions for practionners

Our Tools

  • Det2Sto: open-source software for the modeling and the generation of stochastic programs. The tool and the companion paper were given the award of best contribution of year 2007 by the editorial board of Computational Management Science
  • OBOE: open-source software for convex optimization based on cutting planes techniques and interior point methods. OBOE is available on the COIN-OR projects repository.
  • ETEM: energy-environment model fashioned for urban energy system.
  • GASDECSYS: a decision support tool for the design of gas transmission networks and the management of their operations