ORDECSYS develops models for supply chain management. ORDECSYS also proposes methods to solve location and distribution problems. The OBOE optimization software is particularly well suited to deal with the complex assignment problems arising in transportation management.

Supply chain

Supply chain management is a key element of firms' competitiveness. Uncertainties in demand and supply can disrupt the chain. ORDECSYS proposes methods to assess the economic value of flexibility clauses in supply chain contracts.

Transport and distribution

ORDECSYS proposes efficient methods to optimise multi-commodity transport systems with congestion effects.ORDECSYS also proposes methods to solve complex localisation problems (p-median problems).

Distribution and telecomminucation networks

ORDECSYS proposes efficient methods for the management, the conception and the reinforcement of telecommunication network and gas and water distribution networks systems.

Airline management

Crew scheduling, fleet assignment, yield management are key elements in the efficient management of airlines. Operations research models used to deal with these problems are prone to an oracle based optimization approach. The methods and software proposed by ORDECSYS can contribute to improve the effectiveness of these models.

Decision support and GIS

ORDECSYS applies an approach that combines a geographical information system (GIS) with decision support systems, like decision analysis, activity analysis, spatio-dynamic optimization models. This approach is particularly attractive to deal with problems that are at the crossroad of marketing and logistics or environment management and logistics.

Fluid transmission networks

ORDECSYS is expanding its expertise with the design of water distribution systems to other fluid (e.g., gas).ORDECSYS will soon propose a new tool to handle the highly non-convex problem of optimal design or reinforcement of fluid distribution systems.