Réalisations "Optimisation / Gestion du risque"

Orange - "Expansion de capacités sur un réseau de télécommunication avec demandes incertaines"

The study realized by ORDECSYS for Orange R&D explores new techniques based on robust optimization to solve the network capacity expansion problem with uncertain demands.


Planets - EU-FP7 - "Stochastic energy scenarios"

The Planets  research program aims to analyze the stochastic aspects in energy-environment systems and propose new ways to deal with them in long term energy scénarios. ORDECSYS and C-ORDEE are proposing different methods to include stochasticity in integrated assessment energy-environment models. 

LEAQ - "Coupling energy-environment models in Luxemburg"

ORDECSYS is consultant for Centre de Recherche Public Henry Tudor in Luxemburg to develop a coupling between an energy model and a model simulating air pollution episods. The couplage is realized with OBOE.


EDF - "Managing electricity production in the mid term"

ORDECSYS has realized a study for Electricité de France on optimization under uncertainty for the management of electricity production in the mid term term.


EDF - "Solving the global problem of production management "

The study realized by ORDECSYS and EURODECISION has explored the feasibility of several modeling techniques  and solution methods to enrich the existing model portefolio of the company. Three axes have been explored: treatment of incertainty, dialogue between modèls and column génération for mixed integer programming.


NCCR - climate - "Applications pour OBOE"

Several applications of OBOE have been realized to interconnect economic growth models and climatic change models. These applications have been used in the Swiss NCCR-Climate program of the Fonds National Suisse.