Portfolio "Energy / Smart-grids"

 ORDECSYS is contributing to the economic analysis of energy transition in Switzerland


ORDECSYS is also actively involved in the techno-economic modeling and assessment of global environmental policies.

Please, visit the websites of EU-FP6 & FP7 and GICC projects in which ORDECSYS participated

Project FP7-ERMITAGE "Enhancing robustness and model integration for the assessment of global environmental change"

Project GICC "SynsCOP15, un système intégré de suivi et d'évaluation des négociations sur le climat à partir de COP-15"

Project FP7-PLANETS "Probabilistic long term assessment of new energy technology scenarios"

Project GICC "ETEM-AR: Energie-Technologie-Environnement - Adaptation et Robustesse. Modéliser l'atténuation et l'adaptation du système énergétique dans un plan climat local".  

Project FP6-TOCSIN "Technology oriented cooperation and strategies in India and China"





Other realizations


LEAQ - "Energy-Environment Model for Luxemburg"

ORDECSYS is consultant for Centre de Recherche Public Henry Tudor in Luxemburg to develop a coupling between an energy model and a model simulating air pollution episods. The energy model used is  ETEM.


EDF - "Feasability study on an european energy model"

ORDECSYS has realized for Electricité de France-R&D, in partnership with KanORS et KANLO, a feasability study on a european energy and environment model. The model is based on the TIMES/VEDA methodology.


EDF - "Energy demand in the residential sector"

ORDECSYS with C-ORDEE has analysed for Electrivité de France-R&D the economic factors of electricity demand in the residential sector. This study contained an econometrical analysis of the demand realized with the assistance of the company of M. Alain Bousquet.

EUREKA - WEBAIR, "Urban energy Model ETEM"

For EUREKA projects, the experts of ORDECSYS, associated with the austrian company ESS, have developed an integrated approach using GIS, dispersion model of atmospherical pollutant and economical activity model, permitting to evaluate environment policy in large urban community.

European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA) - "Global Energy Model"

ORDECSYS has managed during one year a consortium made up of KanORS, HALOA and the Université Catholique de Leuven to built a global energy model for the EFDA. This model is based on the TIMES/MARKAL methodology.

French Ministry of Sustainable Development - Impact and management of climate changes (GICC Project) - "Oil geographic strategy and climate"

With the french institute of international relation (IFRI), ORDECSYS has developed a model (hierarchical game) of the strategical behavior of oil-producing countries in a post-Kyoto context.

Services of french Prime Minister - Center of strategical analysis (CAS) - "Simulation for a carbon value evaluation"

This project has been realized with C-ORDEE. The objective of those simulations is to determine a value for the carbon to be used to evaluate infrastructure investment projects.