ORDECSYS provides companies and public organisations with advanced operations research methods and techniques for decision-support in the domains of logistics, risk management, systems management, energy and environment.





ORDECSYS proposes tools and methods to optimize long-term energy/environment/economy choices  in the context of smart grid deployment, renewable energy penetration and more globally of energy transition toward a low carbon economy.



ETEM-SC, the long-term strategic tool for the assessment of regional energy and environment policies developed at ORDECSYS is currently applied in various ongoing projects in Qatar (Photo of Doha city), in France (Non-interconnected zones) and in Switzerland (Arc Lémanique région)

News: Doha worshop : October 12 2016.



ORDECSYS is also involved in the following research and consultancy activities:

  • Techno-economic assessment of climate negotiations with game theory and meta-modelling techniques.
  • Risk analysis with advanced robust optimization and stochastic programming techniques.
  • Development of GASDECSYS, of simulation tool for the design and operations of gas distribution networks.
  • Development of NeatWork, a free program specifically fashioned for the design of entirely gravity-driven water distribution networks for rural areas.