ORDECSYS contributes to the development of models for short, medium and long-term energy systems management. It also participates in the elaboration of integrated assessment models for 3E (economy, energy & environment) policies. These models are useful to assess air quality and/or climate change policies, at international, national or regional levels.

Energy systems

ORDECSYS proposes methods to optimise power production in the short, medium and long term. These methods are based on large-scale convex optimization and optimal control models.

Risk management

ORDECSYS proposes methods for electricity production planning in the presence of weather, demand and market uncertainties.

Integrated Assessment

ORDECSYS proposes an approach for building integrated assessment models of economic choices under local (air quality) or global (climatic change) environmental constraints.

3E-models for cities

MARKAL-LITE or ETEM are "economy-energy-environment" (3E)-models inspired from MARKAL and adapted to the context of urban development studies.